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September 17, 1996; happy birthday choi youngjae! for the past 8 months you’ve brought me a lot happiness with your perfect laugh and cute personality. thank you for letting us baby bird’s hear your soothing singing and thank you for showing us how charming you are. please never lose your smile and keep doing what you love for as long as possible! my precious baby boy, you deserve all the love in the world ♥

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probably not that

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Why does this remind me of Mercy (10 Minutes)?

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140916 THE TEATISEO ep3


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Happy birthday to GOT7's Youngjae!  

Born on September 17, 1996, Youngjae is now 19 years old (18 internationally), and JYP Entertainment is already celebrating!  The agency uploaded a picture wishing him a happy birthday, using hashtag, “#YJ19thBirthday" which trended worldwide on Twitter.

source: http://www.allkpop.com/article/2014/09/jyp-entertainment-wishes-got7s-youngjae-happy-birthday

960917 - Happy Birthday Youngjae!

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